Payment method

Paiement when recieving

To make the purchase process easier for all customers of our website,, we have simplified the payment process, just select the payment method upon receipt, and complete the purchase.

Our website provides you with the ability to pay upon receipt as soon as you receive your shipment. Please note that this option requires you to choose the shipping company “SMSA” in order for you to see the option to pay upon receipt.

1. After adding the product you want to buy to the shopping cart and clicking on complete the purchase process on the cart page, the payment options you want to use will appear.

2. Choose the shipping company "SMSA" until the checkout box appears to complete the purchase process.

3. You will appear to have a review of the order before confirming the purchase after the completion of the purchase process.

4. Once you receive the shipment, the delivery person will ask you to pay the value of the order.

Terms and Conditions

Before choosing to pay on delivery, you must pay attention to the following terms and conditions:

The value of cash on delivery should not exceed 10,000 riyals.