Common questions

1.Q: What is the work or function of different lenses?

HR: Whole body hair removal lens

AC: Acne removal lens

SR: Skin rejuvenation lens

2. Q: How many days is the delivery?

A: For Saudi Arabia 3-5 working days

3.Q: Do you have a specialist or an expert and the experts?

A: The percentage of a home appliance that does not require an expert or a specialist

If you find difficulties ask me, I will answer you!

4.Q: What is the method of use?

A: How to use:

First: Shave the hair with mousse before turning on the device, before the day or two hours before

Second: wear safety glasses

Third: Connect the electric and press the power button in seconds

Fourth: Determine the first level

Fifth: Put the lens on the skin at an angle of 90 degrees

Sixth: Press the flash button

Seven: flashes on the spot

One place and one flash don't stay empty between the two places

7. Q:How to cancel an order?

A:After the order has been made, if you want to cancel it

You must at the first time contact us on this WhatsApp:008617722688550

Tell us your ORDER number 

To facilitate us cancel it before dispatch!

God bless you and us!

8. Q: What is the difference between m3 and t3?

There is no difference between them, they both offer the same functionality, performance and number of flashes

The only difference is that the Malay M3 laser is intended for certain skin tones and hair colors.

The T3 laser is more general in skin tones and hair colors.

If the tone of your skin matches the appropriate degrees for the M3 type, the device will give a better effectiveness.

Also, the same point for the T3 type, if your skin tone applies to it, the device will give better effectiveness.

The m3 feature has automatic hair removal. Once you place the device in the area to be removed, it will do without pressing the button, and the t3 has this feature.

To determine your skin type:

Take a careful look at the skin color of your hands and legs, then compare your skin color with the appropriate colors for each type of device.

You can contact our customer service support team to help you choose the right type.

* The appropriate color shades for each device are shown in the pictures.

Grades suitable for using Mlay M3:

Suitable grades for using Mlay T3: