Tips before and after laser hair removal

by ZhangAnita

Before the operation: Hair removal using wax or chemical creams must be stopped before the laser, because the laser technology targets the hair roots, which will disappear if the hair is removed by one of the mentioned methods that removes it from the roots. Avoid exposure to the sun before and after 6 weeks of the operation, because the sun weakens the effectiveness of the laser when removing the hair.

During the operation:The user must wear protective glasses against laser rays. Placing a layer of cold gel on the area, which protects the outer layers of the skin and facilitates the penetration of laser rays into the skin. The user conducts an experiment to find out the appropriate positions of the laser on the areas from which hair is to be removed, and also verifies that there are no negative symptoms of treatment.

After the procedure: Applying ice packs or cold water to the laser-treated area to relieve annoying irritation.

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